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Our dogs


Aurea Cobalt - Eliška

* 22.1.2002  12.3.2007

Code -1a0000000000000
full set of teeth,scissors, brinkled colour, height-83cm, calm, well-balanced character,
 Canisterapeutics character tests mastered PDSDDZŠ.
Titles acquired: V1,CAC – class winner, V3    
                                               DNA profile.  


Animal muster report

Young animal muster report

DNA profile


Ancestor´s gallery



It was always our dream to have a Irish wolfhound at home. So when we found out that not far from where we live, there had just been puppies born, we decided to have a look at them. And I want to stress it, we only wanted to check on them.

At that time, we lived in a flat. We owned one dog and another one was bespoken. The question was what to do now. At the end we ended up having three dogs. We had not much trouble making this decision, it was just not possible to leave Eliška there and go home. Though we have never regretted our choice.
That is to say that our Eliška´s father is the Interchampion – one of the most beautiful wolfhounds in the history.
ICH Hold the line Sagittarius
Not she is any worse, which she has already proved on several exhibitions and animal muster.


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