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Our dogs

JCH Aschinta ADEY MAY´S  - import The Netherland
* 27.1.2002 
BIS veteran
Czech junior champion
The Winner of the Youth in the Middle and Eastern Europe
Multi BOB, BIG, veteran BIS
Breedable bitch       HD A


Competence for breeding



We brought this beautiful dog from the Netherlands. After the brilliant results of Cash we thought it would be great to use it for breeding purposes. But for the blood-relation to other Czech bitches we searched for one in abroad.  Aschinta’ s mother  Champion Dunnells Annabelle Lee is, besides others, the doubled World Winner. Her father Adey May´s Dissapointment is also a Champion of several states and became twice the World Winner.

Dunnells Annabelle Lee

World Winner 2001,2002

sire: Adey Mays Dissapointment - World Winner 2001,2002

Aschinta has on her 8 exhibitions always been awarded either CAJC or CAC title. Meanwhile she is the Czech Junior Champion.  In June 2004 she mastered the ‘OVVR’ in the 1st Prize and acquired the status of a ‘breeding bitch’.
Until now she has achieved: 3xCAJC, 5xCAC, 2xCACIB, 3x Winner of the breed
The Club’s Winner, The National Winner, The Winner of the Youngest in the Middle and Eastern Europe and the 3rdPlace at the World Exhibition 2003 at the Young class.


Aschinta is a great retriever



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